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WordPress Tech Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with seamless WordPress tech updates. Our expert team ensures your site always runs the latest, most secure versions of software—without you lifting a finger. Minimize downtime and maximize performance. Regular updates keep your site fast, secure, and functioning flawlessly, letting you focus on your business without technical distractions.

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WordPress Performance Enhance

Supercharge your website’s speed and responsiveness. With our WordPress Performance Enhancement service, we optimize your site's loading times, so your visitors enjoy a smooth and efficient browsing experience. Boost search engine rankings and user satisfaction. Faster sites not only rank better but also keep users engaged, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.

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WordPress Content Updates

Keep your site fresh and relevant. Our WordPress Content Updates service ensures your website always showcases the latest information, helping you attract and retain a dynamic audience. Enhance engagement and SEO with updated content. Regular content updates not only provide value to your visitors but also improve your SEO rankings by keeping your site active and curren

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WordPress Security Enhance

Fortify your website against threats. Our WordPress Security Enhancement service provides robust protection against hacks, malware, and unauthorized access, ensuring your site remains safe and trustworthy. Stay secure with cutting-edge technology. We implement the latest security measures, including continuous monitoring and immediate updates, to keep your website protected at all times.

About WebSiteFreaks

We’ve been internet based since the dial-up modem and have seen things change a lot. Most things for the better and some things, like security, for the worse. Let us help you be and stay present without the headache of having to remember to keeps things up to date all the time.

Client Testimonials

Not having to worry about all the updates and security of our website gives me time to focus on growing my business. This works perfectly for us.
Both the site security and the content sorted and repsonse to our requests is super quick and good.
I'm not technical and don't want to be so the Content package is perfect for me. I send the text and images and where it should be placed and before I know it, it is already done.

WordPress Care Packages

WebSiteFreaks image 3 Standard WordPress Care package
£99 £49 p/month
  • Hosting
  • Maintaining
  • Securing
  • Keeping up to date
  • Supporting
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WebSiteFreaks image 3 Protect+ WordPress Care package
£149 £99 p/month
  • Hosting+
  • Maintaining+
  • Securing+
  • Enhancing
  • Keeping up to date+
  • Supporting
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WebSiteFreaks image 3 Performance++ WordPress Care package
Best Deal
£249 £199 p/month
  • Hosting++
  • Maintaining++
  • Securing++
  • Enhancing++
  • Keeping up to date++
  • Supporting
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WebSiteFreaks image 3 'The Works' WordPress Care package
£299 £249 p/month
  • Hosting++
  • Maintaining+++
  • Securing+++
  • Enhancing++
  • Keeping up to date++
  • Supporting++
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